Who are we?

AFERDITA is a brand created in 2015.

But our journey started long before our passion became action.

Quality has always been very important for us and so quality became our motto.

Today we are realizing our dreams and at the same time your wishes.

Our brand consists of creating handmade ‘Pièces Uniques’.

What do we mean by that? 

A “Pièce Unique” is a French term meaning one of a kind, only one piece has been produced.

No fast fashion for us, we try to create timeless, classic and elegant handmade clothes that last for ever.

Our inspiration is ‘the woman’

She has a strong personality, though with a feminine touch. Her elegance and timeless taste characterize her.

Why Choose Us?

Since we started our journey, we have always tried to make something that will last and therefore we have chosen high quality fabrics.  

We only use natural fabrics with 60 up to 100 % natural fibres such as linen, cotton, wool, cashmere and silk, always made under sustainable and eco-friendly circumstances.

The fabrics we use result in comfortable and lasting pieces.

100 % TRUST