About Us

AFERDITA is a Belgian fashion brand focused on creating of limited edition and quality pieces that are made to last.


Why Us?

AFERDITA is not just about fashion, it’s about women. Since 2015 we started our journey in the fashion world, the first 5 years a physical store where we made custom clothing for women and from september 2022 we launched our first collection online which consists of a ready to wear and a couture collection. A collection of elegant, stylish and timeless pieces that will give you a lot of comfort and confidence when wearing them. A dream that every woman wants.


Our inspiration?

The women is our source of inspiration. Our designs are made by women for women.

We create pieces that have an elegant look, accentuate the feminine lines and are also easy to wear and make each women feel beautiful and empowered.


Made to Measure

Let your imagination run wild by having your dream clothes made to measure.

If a piece within our collection is no longer available on your size, we give you the opportunity to Pre- Order your favorite piece and that Made to Measure.

But this is not all, we can tailor any garment you dream of. 


We do only limited edition collections

We just produce the right quantities to release limited edition collections on a 4 monthly basis. And the most of the time we do not restock our pieces, because of our zero-waste approach. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to be notified first as soon as our next pieces are released.